Minggu, 01 April 2012

[PES 2012] G1SL 2012 season 1.2.1 Update

  • Update Launcher (new Interface)
  • Add FL Coach Kits selector
  • Add a lot of Indonesian League players face
  • Update European transfer windows up to January 24th (OF Europe only)
  • Fix Some kit bugs
  • Update IPL & ISL kits

  • PES2012 full version installed
  • G1SL2012 season 1.0 & 1.1 installed (correctly)
  • Re-Apply OF Settings in Launcher (select OF Indonesia-Europe or OF England NPOWER again)
  • Re-Apply all selector settings in Launcher
  • Always press Apply button for every changes that made

  • Please Find Them..
  • FAQ & Troubleshooting please click on this this link

Download Links: -feel free to add more mirrors-

Future Season Planned Update:
  • Add IPL Divisi Utama Clubs & Squads [season 1.3]
  • Add 2nd Division from Italy, Spain & Germany [season 2.0 - after winter transfer windows finish]
  • Add Indonesia + Asian Leagues + AFC Champions League [season 2.0]



season 1.0

  • Standalone patch, will not make any conflict with any patch that already been installed
  • Have own PES2012.exe, Kitserver folder & Save folder
  • Launcher for G1 Supreme League (G1SL) 2012
  • Add Indonesia, Malaysia & India National Team (Replace New Zealand, Jordania & Syria)
  • Indonesia, Malaysia & India are playable nationality in Football Life mode
  • Indonesia's Anthem
  • Update timnas squad (selection squad)
  • Update timnas face 98%
  • Update team ISL & IPL
  • Update Launcher
  • New scene video intro (bumper)
  • New scene video head menu
  • Indonesian sponsors in Football Life mode
  • Fix fake League & Team names
  • Fix fake team kits
  • Remove fake Player in National Teams
  • Add Indonesia Premier League teams in PES League
  • include DLC 1.0 & 1.03 exe
  • Replace WEPES boots with licensed boots (Adidas, Nike & Reebok)

Download Link:

Code: Select Content
G1 PATCHER: Alghozali, aliep, anak baik, Ankgie, Anri Januar, ardhy_child, artt, Ayiep, bakero_133, Billy.D04nk5, da_cott, Des!m@l, Dolphin™, edjankrik93, evolancer, Feirha, fizh_barca, hafizgnx, karokgnet1412, kornetbeef, leces, maxious, metay, Muhamad Onny, Nabil24, onetkun, panKIDrockz, pcsixer, porskyvic, R13Z, raito_kun, R4m130, rendrasatria, shand68, ujangendut, VALKYRI, van Reed, wiragian, xocang, yrdnariv. Wiradhana & Balarupa for all supports ADDITIONAL PATCHER: anhtaidatquang, aPESsionato, Astracell, boonaun, CGF, Christos-94, ciputhegooner, Cuky, EDXZ101, genko06, Gerlamp, HenriikeTW, ikaru111, Jontho, Kakakamal09, KO, KVV_110, lukaz111, MIKI13SZYCE, mstar1, PATe, PEStinatoR, Prame33, Salman, SMPatch, Severus, SuKBoy, Thorondor, Tottimas. TOOLS MAKER: Barcafan (PES 2012 Ultimate Editor & PES Ultimate Data Explorer), jenkey1002 (PES2012 Video Converter), Juce (Kitserver 12), Michal17Widzew (Boot Changer 2012), neogeo64 (PES2012 OF Decryptor), obocaman (GGS), stranxk (SBP3), w!Ld@ (PES 2012 Editor), youniss & sening (SFD file convert). SPECIAL THANKS TO: KONAMI gururupaindonesia.com evo-web.co.uk moddingway.com Kaskus.us Wikipedia.org Goal.com and our beloved peoples.

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numpang lapak gan

mas, punya patch untuk PES 2012 ga? untuk yang PS3 nyari di mana kira2?

wah mantep bro..
numpang lapak ya bro.
sukses buat blognya.


bro ada yg tau ga cara tutorial update nya, tolong pencerahannya ya makasih .

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